With an in-home massage, you do not need to sacrifice quality for convenience. Let the massage experience come to you and book an appointment today!

A home massage is the perfect alternative for those of us who can’t seem to find the time to relax. It is also a great choice for people with limited mobility (e.g. those with injuries or illnesses. Additionally, some people just feel more comfortable in their own space, and that is what massage is all about anyway—comfort and relaxation.


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Massage Therapist

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Hello, I’m Oscar. I am state certified and an experienced traveling massage therapist. I specialize in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Swedish.
Massage therapy is my life. I grew up around it. My grandmother, father, and mother are all massage therapists, making me a third generation MT!
I have experience in many massage settings. I have done work for events, social clubs, rehabilitation centers, company offices, and spas. I love what I do and I hope my passion for massage translates into a positive experience for you!
Currently, I do home and onsite massages. I bring my own table (or chair), comfortable sheets, and all the tools necessary to help you enjoy the best massage experience possible!
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